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Tin ore flotation collector ZN-801

Tin ore flotation collector ZN-801


Purpose: to extract tin from tin sludge and smelting slag
Flotation performance: It has good collecting ability and selectivity, and can replace the traditional reagent benzyl arsonic acid for tin removal, overcoming the disadvantages of expensive benzyl arsonic acid reagent and high toxicity.
Suggested dosage: 100-400g/ton to ore
Preparation method: 2-5% aqueous solution (weight ratio), dissolved in warm water at 40℃.
Scope of application: low grade tin slime, smelting slag, can make 1.5% tin at normal temperature (*** low temperature 5℃) conditions, select more than 40% of tin concentrate, recovery of more than 70%.
Environmental performance: low toxicity, friendly to people and environment, easy biodegradation.

Product features:
1. Property: the product is powdery solid, slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in alkali solution, stable property.
2. Efficient selection of new tin medicine, the achievement of national 973 project;
3. Simple pharmaceutical system with low cost;
4. Be environmentally friendly.

Under certain conditions, ZN 801-collector has good selectivity. It can form stable chelates with tin, tungsten, rare earth, copper, iron and other metals, but unstable chelates with alkali earth metals and alkali metals. Therefore, Zn-801 has shown good separation effect in flotation of some metal minerals. The industrial application of ZN 801-collector shows that the collector has strong selectivity to tin and certain foaming ability. The product also has the characteristics of small dosage, strong applicability and so on, which has a high value of promotion and application.

Nitrogen content of derivatives % ≥3.5
Effective period (month)12
Packing specification: 40 kg/plastic bag
Transportation and storage: non-flammable and explosive products, according to the general chemical products transportation.
Seal and store in a cool, dry place.

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