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Terpenic oil

Terpenic oil


Product name: Terpenic oil
Alias: Oils, pine; essential oil of pine; Terpineol oil
Properties: light yellow oily liquid, with pinyl alcohol odor
Boiling point (℃): 214-224
Storage condition: Must be cool and waterproof
Solubility: easily soluble in alcohol and other organic flux, slightly soluble in water

Terpentine oil is widely used in flotation of various metallic or non-metallic ores and is an excellent foaming agent for non-ferrous metals. It is mainly used for flotation of various sulfide ores such as copper, lead, zinc, iron ore and various non-sulfide ores. It has the characteristics of less foam and high concentrate grade. It also has a certain collecting property, especially for talc, sulfur, graphite, molybdenite and coal and other floating minerals have a more obvious collecting effect. The foam formed by terpinol oil in flotation operation is more stable than other foaming agents. At the same time, it can be used as solvent in paint industry and penetrant in textile industry.

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