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Salicylhydroxamic acid

Salicylhydroxamic acid


English name: Salicylhydroxamic acid
Alias: 2-Hydroxybenzohydroxamic acid; salicylohydroxamic acid; N,2-dihydroxybenzenecarboximidic acid ; N,2-Dihydroxybenzamide
CAS NO. : 89-73-6
EINECS: 201-934-3
Molecular formula: C7H7NO3
Molecular weight: 153.14
Ingredient: Salicylhydroxamic acid (salicylhydroxamic acid)
Molecular formula: C6H4OHCONHOH
Structural formyla:

Physical properties
Melting point:177-185℃
Relative density:1.402g/cm3
Property: the product is pink to orange solid powder, slightly soluble in water, soluble in alkali solution, stable property, with the smell of salicylic acid.

Main uses:

Salicylic hydroxamic acid can form stable chelates with tin, tungsten, rare earth, copper, iron and other metals, but unstable chelates with alkali earth metals and alkali metals, so salicylic hydroxamic acid has good selectivity. Especially, when salicylic hydroxamic acid chelates with cassiterite, it can not only form a variety of outer complex salts, but also form different inner complex salts. Therefore, salicylic hydroxamic acid has a strong selectivity to tin. The product is usually used in combination with P86 in cassiterite processing, and has certain foaming property. The product also has the characteristics of low toxicity (it is 1/16 of bienylarsonic acid, so the application of this product can also greatly improve the environmental protection problem), low dosage, strong applicability and so on, and has a higher value of promotion and application.

Salicylhydroxyl (oxygen) oxime acid % ≥
Effective period (month)

Storage and transportation: waterproof, insolation, fire protection.

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