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Sodium thioglycolate

Sodium thioglycolate


Product name: Sodium Thioglycolate
Chemical formula: C2H3NaO2S
Molecular weight: 114.09

Sodium thioglycolate, also called Sodium thioglycolate. It's an organometallic salt. The CAS number is 367-51-1. In the flotation of copper and molybdenum ore, used as an inhibitor of copper and magnesite, also used as an analytical reagent or the preparation of chemical cold ironing solution.
White powder crystal, sometimes slightly pale pink, non-flammable, explosive, deliquescent, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, kept sealed from light.
It is used as an inhibitor of copper minerals and pyrite in the flotation of copper and molybdenum ore. Adopts the advanced technology and the excellent process refined, to the copper, the sulfur and other substances have the obvious inhibition effect, thus effectively improves the molybdenum concentrate taste. As a new type of effective inhibitor of sulfide ore in molybdenum separation production has been successfully used for many years, it can completely replace the highly toxic inhibitor sodium cyanide. The main is in the process of selecting molybdenum this product not only inhibits lead, zinc, iron, copper and other metal impurities, but also on silicon, sulfur and other non-metallic substances to reduce also played a very good role. The drug dosage is less, the usage is simple and convenient, can better save cost, increase economic benefits. It not only improves the quality of the products, but also plays a positive role in the environmental protection of the production area without pollution and toxicity. Is the national environmental protection department actively recommended environmental protection pollution-free products.

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