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Benzohydroxamic acid

Benzohydroxamic acid


Benzohydroxamic acid, also known as benzooxamic acid, is a kind of organic matter with a melting point of 126-130°C.

English name: Benzohydroxamic acid
Alias: N-Benzoylhydroxylamine; N-hydroxybenzamide; Benzhydroxamic acid

CAS RN: 495-18-1     EINECS: 207-797-6
Molecular formula: C7H7NO2
Structural formyla:
Molecular weight: 137.14
Physicochemical properties
Water solubility 22 g/L (6°C)

Melting point: 126-130°C(lit.)
Boiling point: 251.96°C(roughestimate)
Density: 1.2528(roughestimate)
Refractive index: 1.5030(estimate)
Storage condition: 0-6°C
Solubility: Soluble in alcohol, Slightly soluble in ether, Insoluble in benzene
Acidity coefficient: (pKa)pK1:8.89(0)(20°C)
Stability: Moisture and Temperature Sensitive

Application: Reagent for the determination of iron, vanadium, and uranium

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