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N-910 high efficiency copper extractant

N-910 high efficiency copper extractant


Mextral 984H metal extractant is made of aldoxime, ketone oxime, modifier, stabilizer, defoaming agent, surfactant, etc. It is mainly used for the extraction of copper, zinc and other non-ferrous metals in acidic medium.
Its extraction performance is better than that of ketone oxime, and its extraction effect is better than that of aldoxime. Its performance is stable in the use process, and it has been widely praised by industrial and mining enterprises.
N910 copper extractant
Appearance: yellow liquid
Specific gravity (25/25℃)0. 95~0. 98
Viscosity (25℃)10 centipoise
Flashing point> 200 ℉
Solubility of copper complex ≯40 ɡ / L Cu
Performance parameter
Copper load ≮ 100 ɡ / L Cu
Extraction kinetics≥ 98 % (30s)
Extraction phase separation≤ 90 s
Back extraction kinetics≤ 95 % (30s)
Reverse extraction isothermal point ≥ 0.10 ɡ / L Cu
Reverse extraction phase separation≤ 70s

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