Hanshou Huaxing Shipping Co., Ltd.

It is a comprehensive enterprise with many years of history, specializing in chemical production,
trade, logistics and warehousing services

Hanshou Huaxing Shipping Co., Ltd. Was established in July, 1956, formerly Hanshou County Shipping Company. In 2001, after the restructuring of the enterprise, the company was renamed Hanshou Huaxing Shipping Co., Ltd., which is a comprehensive enterprise integrating waterway liquid cargo dangerous goods, general cargo transportation, ship management and cargo agent. The company is mainly engaged in the transportation business of refined oil, bulk chemicals and general goods in the Yangtze River trunk line of Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai and the three gorges reservoir area. There are 29 professional transport ships with a capacity of 33,800 tons. Since the establishment of the safety management system in 2006, the company has set up the Marine Affairs Department, Aviation Department, Administration Department, Finance Department and other departments. In accordance with the domestic safety management rules, the company has established a complete set of safety, pollution prevention and operation management mechanisms according to the needs of safe transportation and operation management. In practical work, shore-based personnel and ship crew closely cooperate, and the management mechanism has been constantly improved. In addition, the company has accumulated rich experience in the operation and management of the safe transportation of chemicals and refined oil products. The company has successively obtained the satisfaction of the audit center of the Ministry of "Safety Management System". In the operation and management, the company is the key contact enterprise of the Yangtze River Shipping Administration. In 2007, the company was awarded the top three of the top ten water transportation enterprises in Hunan Province. In 2010, the Yangtze River Navigation Administration confirmed the company as the only liaison unit in Hunan Province. In 2011, it won the qualified unit of Changde high-risk industry safety production standardization construction standard management; In 2013, the company was awarded as the second-class enterprise of safety production standardization of the Ministry of Communications.

Business area: inter-provincial transportation of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and its tributaries
Type of ship: general cargo ship, oil tar carrier, bulk chemical carrier

Hanshou Huaxing Shipping Co., Ltd.


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